iPhone 5 – what to expect

Apple’s next blower is just around the corner. Here’s what we think it’ll be bringing to the table

Our crystal ball needs a firmware update and our Wi-Fi is down, so we’ve resorted to our finely honed gadget intuition to predict what the next iPhone will be packing come its release later this month.


Apple’s highly experienced design maestros have always enjoyed shaving off precious millimeters to create sleeker and sexier devices. The two main contenders for the overall look are an iPhone 4-like body or a device with a curvy backplate, a la the iPad. Either way, a nip and a tuck is highly likely, thanks to the new…


Rumours of an edge-to-edge 4in touchscreen sound rather plausible and the extra display area would be warmly welcomed by all but the skinniest of jean wearers. A boost to the resolution to keep up with the larger screen size is probably likely too.


An 8MP snapper appears to be on the cards which should keep the casual snappers and Facebook narcissists more than happy.

Power boost

Inclusion of the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor is a pretty safe bet and the extra power should ensure that the latest software runs as smooth as butter. Speaking of which…

iOS 5

Apple’s latest iOS version is set to pack in a whole host of new features, including a thankfully revamped notification system and OTA updates.


We can’t imagine the battery capacity increasing too much due to space constraints, but the more efficient dual-core processor should  cancel out the larger screen's increased power draw, hopefully resulting in an increase in battery life.

Contactless communication

NFC rumours have been repeatedly snuffed out and reignited over the past year, but it isn’t too far fetched to imagine that some form of contactless communication technology will make an appearance. iPhone and iPad interaction along the lines of the HP Touchpad and Pre 3 would be a nifty little party trick indeed.

Mid-September release

The expected September 5 date has proved to be false, but a release sometime this month still seems likely, especially when clues like Amazon's early case listings are beginning to crop up.


iPhone 5 rumour round-up