iPhone 5 gets EarPod headphones

Redesigned earbuds complete the set-up for the new iPhone and iPods on Apple's big night

Apple EarPods have been officially announced as the newly redesigned earbuds for iPhone 5 and new iPod nano and iPod Touch. The EarPods will be included with all the new iDevices announced at Apple's iPhone 5 event but they will also be available as a standalone accessory to buy, from today.

Three years in the making, Jony Ive says he wanted to make an earphone that would fit everyone so the Apple earbuds have had a complete makeover. Apple also reckons we'll get better sound as the EarPods rock a speaker port that points forward into the ear canal.

So we're not sure what it thinks other headphone manufacturers are doing but we're looking forward to testing these out. There's a port in the back for mid-tones and one in the stem to to maximise airflow. Stay tuned for pricing and official press images. 

The EarPods (with Remote and Mic) have just showed up on Apple's US store for US$30 but no sign of them yet on the UK Store.