iPhone 5 is Apple’s thinnest and lightest phone ever

The latest piece of Apple sweetness has landed and it’s a lightweight slim treat, Apple’s most mobile smarphone ever

The iPhone 5 is here – hurrah. And as expected from that bastion of brilliant design, Apple, it’s had an overhaul in the looks department. In spite of being crammed with better features than all its predecessors, it's both thinner and lighter – while being made entirely of glass and aluminium.

The iPhone 5 weighs in at 112g, making it a full 20 per cent lighter than the 4S. It’s also thinner than the 4S by 18 per cent at 7.6mm in thickness. And it does all that while maintaining those drool-worthy good looks. It's also been upgraded to an A6 processor and ekes out 8 hours of LTE talk time or browsing from the battery. Never have our pockets – and walllets – felt more overstuffed than right now.

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