iPhone 4S – the view from the queue

Intrepid blogger Rob Shoesmith has set up camp outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden to queue for the iPhone 4S. Follow his exploits here

Day one – Wednesday, October 5

I arrived in London at around 10am and set up camp outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden. I had no idea when the new iPhone would be going on sale. 

I have one rule. I cannot spend any cash whilst I'm in line – I have to rely on the good nature of business and individuals to donate food, products and services to help me get by. 

Apple staff were very welcoming and had no problem with me camping out, which was great! I pitched my tent after the keynote and as this is all a new experience to me I only managed to grab three hours sleep. So now I'm feeling tired but will march on!

I was a little disappointed with the features of the new iPhone. I thought with it being Tim Cook's first keynote there would be a brand new redesigned phone launched. 

The media interest around my iPhone 5 experiment has been amazing! Passersby by have also been very friendly and a Dutch lady who had read my blog in Holland dropped by with some Harrods muffins, which went down a treat. I have nine more nights to camp out before the new iPhone 4S goes on sale!  it's going to be tough but so far so good, it's been a really fun surreal experience!

If anyone is in Central London and can bring me food or drink I'd be very grateful.

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