iOS 8 leak confirms Apple iWatch is on the way

Apple is preparing to jump into the smartwatch skirmish
iOS 8 leak confirms Apple iWatch is on the way

A leaked iOS 8 home screen displaying a Watch Utility app confirms that Apple does indeed have an iWatch in the works.

If genuine, then this is the clearest indication to date that Apple is planning to reveal a smart wearable this year.

Samsung and Sony have already released their respective Gear 2 and Smartwatch 2 offerings, but we've yet to find a smartwatch that ticks all the right design, performance and feature boxes.

Google's Android Wear platform has shown the most promise to date, and the LG G Watch and Moto 360 in particular fill us with hope that our smartwatch prayers will soon be answered.

iOS 8 leak confirms Apple iWatch is on the way

Apple's iWatch is expected to arrive with a variety of sensors to track health information before logging it into iOS 8's new Healthbook app, which has once again cropped up in these latest leaked screenshots alongside the new TextEdit, Preview, Tips and iTunes Radio apps.

It's worth pointing out that the Watch Utility app's icon looks positively ugly and out of place among the flat pastel icons of the surrounding iOS 8 apps. This suggests that Apple is still polishing up the watch app, prior to its official reveal.

iOS 8 is expected to be announced at Apple's annual WWDC event which is set to kick off in June, but it's unclear whether or not the iWatch will be revealed alongside it.

Personally, we think that Apple will save the iWatch unveiling for September, where it can show off its integration smarts with its new iPhone 6 sibling.

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