Ion Air Mouse looks weird – could be handy though

It may look strange, but this new mouse is an interesting change from million-button monstrosities

Forget the scanner mouse, wand mouse, Call of Duty Mouse or even the super-flat Mogo Mouse. This is the Ion Air Mouse, although given the way it's worn, Ion Air Glove might be a better name.

It may look weird, but the wireless Ion Air Mouse has the potential to be very cool indeed. The cursor's controlled through hand movements, so you can sit back and relax while you flick through your emails.

Looking a bit like Nintendo's old Power Glove, the Ion Air Mouse has three buttons: left click, right click and pause. It means it probably won't be ideal for button-hungry MMO-ers, but for a home media centre it could be ideal.

The placement of the buttons on the index finger is a nice touch as it lets you activate them simply by pinching. The pause button may sound like an odd choice, but it means you can go make a coffee without running the risk of accidentally closing a window.

It all looks very interesting – but the advent of Kinect for Windows might make the Ion Air Mouse a bit redundant. Still, if you fancy trying your hand with it, the Ion Air Mouse is available direct from Bellco Ventures for $80.

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