International Kindle owners will pay 40% more for ebooks

If you were one of the many who put down your pre-order for the Amazon Kindle after the announcement last week, you might be shocked to learn that you

Already faced with a price tag $20 more expensive than in the US plus the cost of import tax, the news is likely to come as a shock to those who based their order on Amazon's promise there would be "no additional fees for international customers".

In fact, while books in the US cost around $9.99, us Brits will have to fork out $13.99 for the same title – working out at around a 40% premium.

Amazon has addressed this issue stating that both higher operating costs in the UK and higher VAT rates on ebooks than regular books have forced the price hike.

The Kindle is due for international release on 19 October – let us know below is this news has put you off, and be sure to check out our ereader group test for some suitable alternatives.

Via: The Guardian