IllumiRoom to shine at today’s Xbox launch?

The augmented reality projection device that takes Kinect to another level could be unveiled in just a few hours

Microsoft's gearing up its new Xbox in just a couple of hours – could its amazing augmented reality projection system be a part of the presentation? 


Remember when Microsoft showed off Illumiroom? The Kinect combined with a projector that turned the whole wall around your TV screen into a giant display? Check it out in the video above, because it’s very exciting – and it may be included in the new Xbox, set to be unveiled in just a few hours.

Microsoft blogger Paul Thurott – who also accurately predicted the Xbox launch event date – has tweeted that IllumiRoom will make an appearance at tonight’s event. Here's hoping he's correct once again.

Check back here at 6pm (BST) for the full Xbox event live stream.

[Twitter via CVG]