Icon – Nixon TPS

Meet the eye-friendly pocketable speaker that will run out of juice long after you do

Has Zippo released a new hand warmer?

The only thing this mini speaker system will be warming up are your ears. Crafted from a stylish aluminium body, this pocketable tune pumper will let you share your music with whoever will care to listen. 

That’s what my phone is for…

Sure thing – if you don’t mind a shrieking, tinny sounding mess. If, however, you want to save your ears from bleeding, you’ll be much better off with a dedicated speaker. Granted, the Nixon TPS is no Zepellin Air, but it’s more than acceptable for something that slips in to your pocket.

I’m still not convinced…

Will a six hour rechargeable battery life help sway you? What about the debris-resistant grill, or the cable management system? Not to mention its suave, minimalist looks. You can even hook two up two units for more volume and enhanced stereo separation.

Sold. How much?

Available in black or grey, each speaker will set you back £80 and can be snapped up right here. Happy listening.


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