HTC to reveal two quad-core smartphones at Mobile World Congress

It doesn't look like the Taiwanese mobile giant will be satisfied with just one quad-core beast

The rumoured HTC Edge has already wowed us with its Tegra 3 quad-core credentials, but now whisperings of a second quad-core device are making their rounds on the internet.

Digitimes expects HTC to unleash multiple quad-core beasts at this years Mobile World Congress in February, spurned on by JPMorgan Chase's upgrade of HTC stock to 'overweight'.

In English, this means that big things are expected from HTC come February as it spearheads the quad-core mobile phone revolution.

HTC won't be the only manufacturer bringing out quad-core phones this year, however – thanks to competition from the likes of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S III.

We'll have troops in the field at MWC in Barcelona to keep you appraised of the quad-core phones coming up from HTC and its rivals – so stay tuned for an influx of pocket-powerhouse goodness...

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