HTC Flyer 10 tablet rumour

If you scoffed at HTC's 8.9in tablet plans, the company may have a 10in riposte up its sleeve

HTC's Flyer (pictured) may have a whopping clock speed of 1.5GHz attributed to its single-core processor. The boys at HTC have realised speed will only let you dodge for so long before being knocked down by the bigger guy, namely the Motorola Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1. And it appears they’ve decided to bulk up.

A leaked training guide from US electronics shop Staples mentions an HTC 10in tablet featuring Android Honeycomb. When it's due and how much it'll cost is unclear, though the photo suggests HTC's new slate is “coming soon.” We asked HTC about it but were told they don’t comment on speculation. Spoilsports.

If the conveniently-timed rumour is true, you can expect specs at least as good as the 7in Flyer. We'd hope for a dual-core processor, a better cam with Xenon flash and 1080p video, a plumper 64GB SSD and considerable improvement on the Flyer's pathetic four-hour battery life.

We'd also like a 3D screen and projected infrared keyboard. But you can't have it all.


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