HP Ivy Bridge desktop computers announced

HP is trailblazing as an early announcer of its Ivy Bridge offerings, including a super powerful Pavilion

HP has just announced its first Intel Ivy Bridge packed desktop computers, including all-in-ones and HP’s most powerful Pavilion tower to date.

Intel’s third generation Ivy Bridge processors use 22 nanometre architecture to reduce size and power consumption. Great for laptops, but does that help on these desktops? In short, yes: it can more than double processing power of graphically intense data crunching – meaning smoother gaming, video editing, and streaming at 1080p.

So far the non-touchscreen all-in-one Omni 220qd and Omni 27qd, plus touch-sensitive TouchSmart 520xt, have been announced as Ivy Bridge upgrades. The Pavilion HPE h8t and Pavilion HPE Phoenix towers will also get the Ivy Bridge treatment. The Phoenix should be HP’s most powerful Pavilion aimed at the hardcore gamers among you.

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