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HP Envy M4 notebook announced with two slimmer Pavilion Sleekbooks

The feature packed M4 makes you think twice about giving up specs for ultrabook size, but then Sleekbooks leave you baffled choosing again

HP has just unveiled its latest soldier in the laptop war which is getting sparse on the battlefield as ultrabooks take the limelight. But unlike their slim counterparts the M series HP notebooks don’t scrimp on powerful specs to save space – despite still being compact.

The 14in M4 can boast an aluminium design with Beats Audio and even a subwoofer. It’s all powered by Intel Core i3 or i5 processors with up to 8GB RAM and a whopping 1TB storage. The display is less impressive with an average 1366×768 resolution you’ll find in most ultrabooks. The battery can eek out eight hours before you must seek a power source. It’s also nice and secure thanks to a fingerprint reader that can be used with HP’s SimplePass tech to log into the computer as well as websites.

But that wasn’t all on show from HP as they also announced new Pavilion Sleekbooks – which are essentially ultrabooks in everything but name. The Sleekbook 14 and Sleekbook 15 are varied in sizes by an inch – as you might have guessed – and colour by black and red options. Both come with Ivy Bridge Intel chips, optional discrete graphics, 1080p displays, up to 8GB RAM and an impressive 1TB HDD. The battery should get you a solid six hours before giving up the ghost.

The Envy M4 will cost US$900 (£555) while the Pavilion Sleekbook 14 and 15 will go for US$500 (£310) and US$600 (£370) respectively. All are due on the Windows 8 release date of September 26th.

[Via Engadget]

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