How to use an Xbox 360 controller with a PlayStation 3 (and vice versa)

Wish you could use your favourite controller round your mates house? Now you can, thanks to the wonders of science

Ah, the ever-raging controller wars. Whether it's the PlayStation controller's outwardly curved triggers or the Xbox 360 controller's flakey d-pad, everyone has their hangups as well as their gaming weapon of choice.

Thankfully you can now alleviate the symptoms of gamepad rage with the Cronus USB adaptor dongle. Simply slot it into your console of choice, let the syncing magic commence, and marvel at the wonders of mastering games on either console with whichever controller your heart desires.

Did we also mention that the Wiimote is also supported? Not that we'd recommend it for gruelling CoD sessions.

Sadly there's no solid detail on pricing or availability at the moment, though Engadget was told to expect a price tag somewhere between US$50-US$60.

[Cronus via Gizmodo]

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