Here’s yet more evidence for a Touch ID sensor on Apple’s new iPad Air

Another early spy snap of the next full-size iPad suggests it’s getting an extra touch of class
Here’s yet more evidence for Touch ID sensor on Apple’s new iPad Air

Are the next updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini getting a Touch ID fingerprint sensor? While we can’t say for certain, it’s looking very likely indeed.

The Touch ID sensor was one of the iPhone 5s’ best new features, so the idea of Apple bringing that technology – and the extra convenience and security that goes with it – to its next batch of tablets seems like plain old common sense. And now the actual evidence is mounting.

First there were snaps of a black iPad Air and black iPad Mini, both apparently with Touch ID, published by Taiwanese reseller Apple Club.

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You got the Touch (ID)

And then today Steve Hemmerstoffer of French website tweeted a photo with the caption “Hello #iPad6”, and it certainly depicts a tablet with a silver-ringed Touch ID sensor (along with an iPhone 5s for scale). Aside from the sensor, it looks much the same as the current iPad Air.

Meanwhile, China Times claims “industry sources” have confirmed the Touch ID sensor will be coming to the next iPad Mini and iPad Air, as well as the iPhone 6.

Given how leaky the good ship Apple seems to be at the moment, we’re expecting to find out plenty more information on upcoming iPads in the next few weeks.

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