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Here’s what Forrest Gump’s Apple stock would be worth today

Life might be like a box of chocolates, but Forrest Gump could've bought an awful lot of chocolates if he'd kept his Apple stock after all these years

Fans of Forrest Gump will recall that his business partner and friend Lieutenant Dan invested some of the profits from their shrimp company into “some kind of fruit company.”

As any movie buff worth their weight in trivia will know, that fruit company was none other than Apple, and UK site FancyDressCostumes has whipped out its calculator to work out roughly what the two shrimp tycoons’ Apple shares would be worth, had they kept them all these years.

The answer? A Whopping US$6,980,702,880, or just under four and a half billion pounds, assuming that the pair initially invested US$100,000 back in the fictional world of 1975.

Who cares if Apple wasn’t publicly trading in real life until December 1980? Let’s not ruin let realism ruin the fun.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the labs to tinker with our time machine. We’ve got a space flight to buy with our Apple share winnings.

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