This health-monitoring t-shirt will make the rest of your clothes look simple-minded

We're one step closer to our dream futuristic cybersuit
This smart t-shirt will make the rest of your clothes feel dumb

Fitness bands and health trackers are cropping up left right and centre, and our wrists have never been more popular. Or confused.

OM Signal has decided to smarten up your entire torso by ditching the band form factor and opting for a smart t-shirt instead.

The OMsignal shirt has silver fibres weaved into it, in a similar fashion to touchscreen gloves.

Coupled with a little black data module, the t-shirt can record everything from your heart rate and effort levels, to your breathing and cadence.

This smart t-shirt will make the rest of your clothes feel dumb

You can track all of your stats on an accompanying app to keep on top of your progress, and you can also compare your efforts to your smart shirt-toting friends, if they're lucky enough to have a wardrobe that's as clever as yours.

The shirt can also detect your posture and stress levels, telling you to take a deep breath and relax if it feels like your post-lunch budget meeting is starting to grind you down.

While it's a little surreal having your t-shirt telling you to breathe a little slower, the OMsignal looks like a clever, non-intrusive way to keep track of almost every minor detail.

Its promotional price of US$200 is a little dear - imagine what the list price is going to look like - but you can wash it (minus the data unit of course) so that it's nice and fresh for every workout.

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