Has Apple just leaked its own Touch ID-equipped iPhone 6C?

(Disappointingly, probably not)

The iPhone 5C is pretty much the forgotten man of Apple’s iPhone line-up – a plastic-bodied reminder of a time before Touch ID and 4.7in screens. But what’s this appearing on Apple’s own site? A picture of a plastic iPhone with a Touch ID sensor? Could it be the 6C?

Here’s the story: Apple put up a webpage to show off its upcoming iPhone Lightning Dock, and on that page, used to illustrate how you might use said dock, was a picture of a docked iPhone 5C with a Touch ID scanner clearly visible. This immediately led to speculation that Apple had mistakenly outed a future edition of the 5C – or perhaps even the 6C. That would represent a rare error from a company renowned for running a tight operation – but nobody’s perfect, right?

However, it now seems that, while Apple has slipped up, it hasn’t slipped up by revealing a new product – it’s actually just posted an incorrect render. Instead of a major product-revealing goof, what we’re looking at here is a mere image error, with someone forgetting to untick a box in Photoshop to remove the Touch ID layer of the 4in iPhone render. It’s now been fixed on the Apple site. Go home folks; nothing to see here.

9to5Mac says its sources within Apple have confirmed the mistake, so don’t start saving your pennies in expectation of a new plastic 4in iPhone launching this autumn. The site also had a jug of ice cold water to pour on the rumours of an August announcement for the iPhone 7, saying that the same sources say it’s not on the cards.

[Sources: The Guardian and 9to5Mac]