Hailo takes on Uber with high-end HailoExec option

The black cab-calling app now offers access to BMWs, Mercedes and other luxury cars
Hailo takes on Uber with high-end HailoExec option

Hailo has just gone high-end. The app-driven service that sends a black cab to your location now offers a “HailoExec” option, which basically means you can request a posh motor like a Mercedes or BMW instead.

Hailo says it has developed the option “following the requests of business users”, but it’s hard not to see it as a response to rival service Uber, which has been sending out luxury cars to its customers from launch.

Hailo claims the service won’t affect its regular black cab-based offering, and that users won’t be sent a pricier luxury car when they request a cab. 23,000 licensed black cab drivers are registered with Hailo, and the company is at pains to point out that this remains its core business – and that it’s a friend to black cab drivers rather than a threat.

Uber recently upset London’s cabbies, who held a mass protest at what they saw as the unfair practice of launching an unregulated, unmetered car service in their backyard.

[Source: Hailo]