This gym bag does double duty as a washing machine

The Paqsule blasts your sweaty socks with science and hope

My bag’s already pretty heavy without filling it with water and suds.

No need! Science. Tech inside this holdall-style gym bag blasts your clothes with UV-C light and activated oxygen to kill the bacteria that makes them whiffy. It’s tried-and-tested science – travellers have been using UV light to purify drinking water for ages. And they’re all still alive. And possibly now unkillable.

Ah, so it doesn’t clean my clothes?

No. It’s certainly not going to be able to tackle the stains caused by your post-workout kebab. But, it should keep your kit smelling fresher, which is especially handy for those who like to gym in the morning then head straight to the office. Munching the aforementioned kebab.


Does it need plugging in? 

To charge, yes; to do its thing, no. It has an USB-charged internal battery that’s good for up to 72 hours of cleaning. Plus you can tap some of those sweet electrons to charge your phone, should your Spice Girls workout videos have taken their toll. 

Seems to be well thought out. 

Visit Pasqule’s Kickstarter page to see just how many clever wee pockets and tweaks they’ve added to the design, including space for your laptop and a shoe compartment. It’s going to be kinda expensive, starting at US$229, but your work colleagues might put in a bob or two to put an end to the current stinkfest that is your under-desk area.