Great iPhone accessories you can make from paper

There’s big money in phone accessories, but you can save it all for the price of paper – make your own dock, case, and even keyboard now

If you want to kit your iPhone out with accessories, but also want to be left a few pennies to pay your contract, we have an ancient solution – origami. All you need are a few pieces of paper to become the proud owner of a handmade iPhone dock, speaker and even keyboard.

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard from Florian Kräutli on Vimeo.

iPhone paper keyboard

The iPhone's collection of sensors never ceases to amaze. Now a student has managed to teach it how to recognise different keys on a paper keyboard using its accelerometer – rendering any surface that transmits some vibration into your very own instant full-sized keyboard.

Source: bgr

iPhone paper dock

In a very Blue Peter kind of way you can download this PDF, cut out some paper or card, and fold your very own throne fit for the king of smartphones. It even has a hole for tidy cable feeding – very minimalist chic.

Source: curbly

iPhone paper speaker

Like your granny's ear trumpet, this paper speaker amplifies sounds acoustically. Plus it's easily made using a bit of card or paper. Design as you see fit then start blaring out your tunes for everyone on the bus to enjoy. Or just buy it from eco-made now.

Source: eco-made

iPhone paper case

A layer of paper may not be the most protective thing you can wrap around your iPhone, but it does mean you can personalise it to your heart's content. But while it may cut your costs, make sure any loose edges don’t do the same to your typing digits.

Source: tuesday

iPhone paper clip stand

Alright, this isn't made from paper – but once you’re done making all the accessories above you won't have any left. What you will have is plenty of now seemingly-useless paper clips. So why not fashion one into a stand for your iPhone? Learn the technique and you’ve potentially got a folded stand with you anywhere you go.

Source: deanying

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