The Google Phone of 2006 revealed

Oracle vs Google court documents reveal early renders of Google's original phone

Way back in 2006 – two years before the arrival of the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 – Google showed off early designs for a Google Phone to carriers. Those early renders have now resurfaced in the courtroom as part of the ongoing Google vs Oracle copyright case over Java.

Specific specs for the portrait-format QWERTY phone aren't listed, but Google's baseline Android specs – remember this was six years ago – were a whopping 200MHz ARMv9 processor, 64MB RAM, 3G and a 2MP camera, alongside USB support, Bluetooth 1.2 and a miniSD slot, with a 16-bit QVGA display. How far we've come since then.

Still, Google was thinking ahead. Back in 2006 it the big G already had several proto-Android apps up and running, including the browser, dialer, messaging and contacts.

Android's looking a lot more sophisticated now, thankfully. And its next iteration, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is looming ever closer – hooray for the march of progress.

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