Google Nexus 8 tablet spotted in promo shot?

KitKat site shows a mysterious tablet being used – has Google leaked its own product again?
Google Nexus 8

Head over to the official Android KitKat site, scroll down the screen in the Apps & Entertainment section and you’ll come across a curious sight: an Android tablet that we’ve never seen before.

The tablet, running pure Android KitKat, looks to be around 8 inches in size and features a far slimmer bezel than the current Nexus 7, leading to some speculation online that it could be an upcoming Nexus 8. Google has inadvertently leaked its own products before: the Nexus 5 first surfaced in a KitKat promo video.

A mock-up – or something genuine?

The alternative? It’s merely a mock-up device used by Google to illustrate KitKat. But the company hasn’t typically done this in the past, preferring to  use ‘real’ devices for images.

We’re a little sceptical about an 8in Nexus tablet coming hot on the heels of the 2013 Nexus 7 (which launched in August) – and the fact that Google hasn’t taken the image down suggests the company isn’t bothered about people seeing it – but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any further developments.

[Via Ars Technica]