Google+ games goes live

... and Facebook counterstrikes with The Game Ticker

Give us a week and our Sudoko "game accomplishments" will be through the roof. How will you know? Everyone in our Google+ Circles will hear about it. Sixteen games burst onto the accounts of some Google+ members yesterday with the Google blog confirming that the feature will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

The Games page lets you see game updates, invites and high scores from your Circles as well what other people have played recently. If you could do without another time-sapper, the zombies, dragons, monsters and enraged feathered friends (yes, Angry Birds is making its debut too) will stay firmly locked in their games cage without popping up and disturbing you.

Facebook obviously wasn't in the mood to play nice, choosing today to announce its own new social gaming feed. The Game Ticker, incidentally, lets you see game updates, invites, high scores and what games your friends are playing. So things are looking up for obsessive social gamers – if no-one's playing on Facebook, just head over to Google+. You'll find us scratching our heads over a Sudoko grid.


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