Google Books comes to Android and iOS in the UK

We suggest you download The Jungle Book immediately – for free

Overwhelmed by the 700,000 eBooks for Kindle on Amazon? Pah, we'd chow those down by lunchtime. Try a three million-strong catalogue of books on a device you already own and you've got the Google Books app for Android (2.1 and above) and iOS, available in the UK for the first time.

The app also runs on the web and eReaders so you won't tire out your peepers poring over the latest novels on bright Super AMOLED screens.

Two of the three million eBooks are free but you can only download via Books when signed into Google, not direct from the app. Once downloaded, Google will sync your books so you can pick up on another device.

Google has also added a Books section to Android Market, to distract you from all the Apps and Games. So now we can pretend we're browsing for something more serious and worthwhile.


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