GlassTesla app lets you control your Tesla with Google Glass

This unofficial Google Glass app is one of the best uses for the smart specs we've ever seen. If only we could afford a Tesla...
Google Glass app lets you control your Tesla like a mind-powered super villain

An unofficial Google Glass app called GlassTesla has made us want the two things we want most in life – Google Glass and a Tesla Model S – even more.

The app lets users who are lucky enough to own both control the vehicle directly from the Glass interface. Okay, you can't steer, but you can start and stop charging, check battery levels and even adjust the temperature and lock or unlock the doors like a psychic superhero.

Creator Sahas Katta tells Engadget that voice control is on the way too, which will hopefully give us enough time to win the lottery and pick up our own Model S.

[GlassTesla via Engadget]