Giant tablet on steroids: Microsoft's 84in Surface Hub has a 4K screen and Kinect cameras

Meet the ultimate collaboration tool that will completely destroy your wallet
Giant tablet on steroids: Microsoft's 84in Surface Hub has a 4K screen and Kinec

To say that Microsoft's had a busy week would be putting it mildly. 

The tech giant has come out all guns blazing, revealing Windows 10 (and its free upgrade plans), Xbox One integration with PCs, and a freaking augmented reality hologram headset. But that's not all.

A rather large TV that was front and centre of Microsoft's press conference also turned out to be an announcement all on its own.

The Microsoft Surface Hub, as it's called, isn't really a large telly, though it will take up most of a wall with its 84 inches.

Instead, it's essentially a gargantuan Windows-powered tablet, designed for businesses and team collaboration in mind, and it's packed with tech.

For starters, its 4K screen support lots and lots of simultaneous touch inputs, allowing multiple users to draw, scribble and annotate items on the screen at once, or just use it like regular whiteboard. Multiple finger inputs are also supported, letting users interact with the screen with their digits.

Communication is another big sell. The Surface Hub has built-in Kinect cameras and microphones, turning it into an all-in-one video conferencing tool, letting you Skype users while scribbling away/discussing whatever's on-screen.

It can also run any windows app, and allow file transfers to and from devices, meaning you can walk out of meetings with annotations saved straight to your phone. It even works with iOS devices, as long as you're using Microsoft apps like Word or PowerPoint.

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Obviously this isn't something that you're going to hang up in your living room, and we expect the price tag to reflect that.

The fact that it's aimed businesses, coupled with its 55in/85in size and 4K resolution (not to mention the multitude of tech smarts within), means it will probably swallow up tens of thousands of pounds at the till.

We'll take five.

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