This giant black rock is a secret lair in disguise

Escape the world and get stuck into those pesky spreadsheets in a Tetra-Shed. Or, you know, rank up in CoD. Either one is fine
This giant black rock is an amazing secret lair in disguise

I seem to be staring at a rock. No, you're not. But it's OK, the Tetra-Shed's design is deceptive. What you're actually looking at is a modular building system designed by architecture practice Innovation Imperative.

That's a shed?Technically, yes, but really it's whatever you want it to be. A stylish office at the back of your garden away from the chaos of pets and toddlers. Or a gaming nerve centre where you insult people's mothers after each successful headshot.

It's whatever you fancy really. This is your sanctuary.

This giant black rock is an amazing secret lair in disguise
This giant black rock is actually an amazing secret lair in disguise

I'm going to freeze in the winterWhile it might look rather basic, the Tetra-Shed is actually supplied with electric underfloor heating and LED lighting. Each unit is forged from precision cut plywood and externally finished in plywood, cork, copper, rubber zinc and steel, and has a height of 3.3m with a 10m² internal floor area.

Not too shabby actually. But still not as roomy as an extension.It could be. The Tetra-Shed's modular design means that two or three units can be joined together, while four combined sheds could provide you with a sleek one-bedroom home that'll look like Darth Vader's vacation cabin.

I want one. But It's not going to fit through my front door...It's delivered as a flat-pack system. Self assembly is optional, so if you're an Ikea wizard, you should be fine.

The Tetra-Shed has actually been around for a good few years, but you'll finally be able to order one from 10 April, with an online customisation tool due to go live shortly.

We've contacted Tetra-Shed for prices and it's stated that the office will cost around £15,000, but the cost per unit will decrease with the more units you order. If you order one now you should receive it by July - perfect for the ultimate barbecue palace.

We'll bring the beer.

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