Gadget of the Day: Washburn "The Rover" Guitar

We're in awe of anyone who can play a guitar properly, but we don't envy them when it comes to lugging around their axe on public transport or on holi

So here's one for the wandering minstrels out there – no, not the chocolates you dropped down the back of the sofa. Washburn's travel guitar, The Rover, is a slimmed-down acoustic guitar, built for life on the open road.

Strum away to your heart's content on The Rover's full size 24 inch rosewood fingerboard, happy in the knowledge that when you've finished jamming you can tuck it away in its travel case and move on to your next destination, all without getting it munched in the train doors if you hit rush hour.

The Rover is available in natural, blue, black and red colours, as well as two graphic styles – camo and cowboy. The case is included, along with an instructional CD ROM, strap and a trio of picks in case a couple go the way of those big smarties.

Should be a perfect addition to your camping or festival gear.


Washburn "The Rover"

Price: £129

On sale: Now

Contact: SoundTech