Gadget of the Day – Ion LP 2 CD

All of us dream one day of being able to shovel our dusty copy of Frampton Comes Alive onto our iPod. But seeing as buying it on CD risks you being se

Obviously having more than one big–selling 70s or 80s album comes in handy, so you can really make full use of it. All you need to do is stick an LP on, shove in a blank CD and burn at your leisure.

There's also Mac and PC software, so you can bosh everything from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to Phil Collins's No Jacket Required onto iTunes or Windows Media Player.

It's available now over at Firebox and down your local Maplins for £300. A small price to pay to bring your childhood and questionable MOR record collection back to life.


Ion LP 2 CD

Price: £300

On sale: Now

Contact: Firebox