Fully Charged: Philips Hue goes high-end with 3D printed lights and dogecoin sponsors a NASCAR racer

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Philips Hue goes high-end with 3D printed lights

Philips unveils 3D printed smart lights

Philips has expanded its Hue range of smart LED lighting with a new selection of high-end luminaries – and they’ve been 3D printed. The luminaries, which will be sold for upwards of €2,500 (£2,070), are fully compatible with the rest of the Hue system and able to generate almost any colour you can think of. The Entity table lamp was created by German design duo WertelOberfell and the Tempest pendant lamp by Danish studio Strand + Hvass.

James Dyson Award 2014 now open for entries

James Dyson Award 2014 now open for entries

Are you a student? Got an invention you think is worthy of judgement by design deity James Dyson? Then get thee to the Dyson Awards website and enter, because there are over £100,000 of prizes up for grabs.

The 2014 competition has just opened for entries (you’ll have to get yours in by 7th August), with the overall winner bagging £30,000 for themselves or their team and £10,000 for their university department. Winners will be announced from 18th September.

Last year’s winner was the Titan Arm (pictured above), a battery-powered robot arm able to augment the wearer’s strength by 18 kilos. Yes, it’s a bit like the exoskeleton worn by Matt Damon in Elysium, although rather than help people have cool-looking fights it’s intended to rehabilitate those with back injuries.

You can read more about the James Dyson Award competition here.

Such car. Wow. Very race

Such car. Wow. Very race

Reddit’s dogecoin community has done it again. Users of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency have raised enough money (US$55,000, or 67 million dogecoins) to become the sponsor of NASCAR racer Josh Wise – meaning the quizzical face of a shiba inu will be emblazoned on his car from 4th May.

Previously, dogecoin backers have raised funds so that a Jamaican bobsled team and Indian luge rider could compete at the Sochi Olympics, as well as paying for water wells to be built in Kenya.

[Source: Reddit via Mashable]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer: Transformers in a half-shell?

So, Michael Bay is executive producing a reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise – and here’s the first trailer. And it bears all the hallmarks of Bayification, including Megan Fox, portentous exposition and lots and lots of CGI. So, hope you liked Transformers, Turtle fans...