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Fully Charged: Paperboy gets a VR update, SkyDrive must die and yet another smart watch appears on Kickstarter

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Canon LEGRIA mini camcorder is geared up for filming selfies

You may have thought the pocket camcorder was dead, killed off by the fact that pretty much everyone has a smartphone now – but Canon thinks there’s life in the old dog yet. The company has just introduced a new LEGRIA model with 1080p recording, 12MP stills, 2.7in touchscreen and built-in Wi-Fi. The latter lets you beam content to a phone or tablet, while the screen twists so that you can film or photo yourself more easily. There’s also a built-in stand and tripod mount. There’s no built-in storage, so a microSD card is a must. It’ll be out mid-September, priced at £270. [Source: Canon]

BSkyB forces SkyDrive name change


A UK court has ordered Microsoft to change the name of its SkyDrive cloud storage service, ruling that it infringes on a copyright held by BSkyB. Microsoft has agreed to follow the ruling, but will continue to use SkyDrive for a “reasonable period of time” while it moves to whatever new branding it comes up with. [Source: The Verge]

HOT Watch smart watch allows private calling

HOT Watch

Another week, another smart watch vying for your coveted wrist-space. This one, currently a Kickstarter project with 37 days to go, is called the HOT Watch and has something its rivals don’t: private calling. It does this by allowing you to use your cupped hand as an earpiece. The watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to phones (it’ll work with most, but iOS and Android are recommended) and features gesture controls, proximity alerts (to tell you that you’ve left your phone behind), 1.8in e-ink screen and support for all manner of apps. [Source: Kickstarter via TechCrunch]

Oculus Rift used to create VR version of Paperboy


Oculus Rift is edging closer to a proper release, and in the meantime it’s interesting to see what developers are doing with the powerful-yet-affordable virtual reality headset. One such example is PaperDude VR, an homage to arcade classic Paperboy that puts you in the saddle of the bike-riding broadsheet-chucker. The project, from Globacore, combines Oculus Rift with the KickR bike trainer and Kinect, allowing you to ride, look around and yes, throw bundled newspapers at post boxes and obstacles. It’s awesome. Check out the video above. [Source: SlashGear]