Fully Charged: Morph set to return, Dyson gets Hard, and Telltale details new Walking Dead episodes

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Help Morph return by backing Aardman’s Kickstarter

Before Aardman Animations was bagging Oscars and working with Mel Gibson, it was a tiny Bristol-based studio most famous for creating Morph, the clay-bodied character who lived on Tony Hart’s desk. And now they want to bring him back. Oh happy clay!

Morph was the brainchild of Peter Lord, who along with Aardman has posted a Kickstarter project that, should it reach its £75,000 funding goal, will see the little clay-bodied fellow return in a series of 12 new episodes.

Among the rewards available are pre-used Aardman clay (£25), a Morph print signed by Peter Lord (£150) and your likeness made into a Morph character for you to keep (£1,500). You can pledge or follow the project’s progress here.

The stars come out in X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer

X-Men: Days of Future Past features one of the ensemble casts of the year, including Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Peter Dinklage. Heck, even Halle Berry is back in a major motion picture after years in the wilderness. And Bryan Singer is back in the director’s chair. The first trailer has just arrived, so click above and feast your eyes on lots of mutants being all emotional.

Dyson Hard: the best way to keep your kitchen floor spotless?

Dyson Hard

Despite dominating the vacuum cleaner game for over a decade, Dyson isn’t resting on its vacuum laurels. Oh no. The company has just launched a model specifically designed for cleaning hard floors: the Dyson Hard. As the cleaner sucks, it also wipes – the idea being that you don’t need to vacuum and mop separately anymore.

Wipes are available for standard hard floors and wooden ones, while the compact motor on board spins at 104,000rpm. It also features a rechargeable battery that’s good for 15 minutes of standard sucking – or six minutes of high-intensity cleaning.

The Dyson Hard goes on sale at Tesco on 31st October, priced at £250.

Telltale Games spills details on The Walking Dead: Season Two

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead was among the best games of 2012, offering a potent mix of point-and-click adventure, consequence-laden decision-making and zombies – and now the studio has revealed the first details of the “second season”, set once again to be divided into four episodically-released parts.

Telltale released a teaser trailer and selection of screenshots for the season, which will feature Clementine – the little girl who served as the first season’s moral focus – in the lead role. The first episode will be released in November. [Source: Eurogamer]