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Fully Charged: Microsoft wants to put Xbox games in your browser, now you have two hours to return Android apps, and an NES-themed 3DS XL incoming

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Microsoft wants to put Xbox games in your browser

Might Xbox be making the leap from consoles to true cross-hardware gaming platform? That’s the indication of a report from Neowin, which suggests that Microsoft has Xbox 360 games running via a web browser over the cloud – and Xbox One games are next.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Microsoft’s cloud gaming ambitions. Last year, Microsoft reportedly showed Halo 4 running on an array of platforms at a company meeting, while just weeks ago, a Microsoft Research project surfaced that claimed to mask extensive cloud-based gaming lag via predictive technology.

According to Neowin, Microsoft has the service running games at upwards of 60 frames per second, which paired with the predictive tech could deliver streamed games that perform quite similarly to a native download or disc. Now we’ll have to see if Microsoft opts to release it out to consumers, like Sony has with its PlayStation Now streaming platform.

[Source: Neowin]

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Google Play app return period extended

Google Play

Got buyer’s remorse about something you spent money for on Google Play for Android? Whether it’s mere dislike or perhaps a performance issue, you only previously had 15 minutes to change your mind and get your money back.

Now it’s two full hours, so worry not about taking a chance on something. However, note that you can’t repeat the refund process twice for the same app – so if you decide to buy it again after an initial return, be absolutely sure before confirming the purchase.

[Source: Google Play and Android Central via Engadget]

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NES-themed Nintendo 3DS XL revealed

Continuing its legacy of releasing current handheld systems visually inspired by classic platforms, Nintendo yesterday announced a sweet Nintendo 3DS XL model based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller. And the packaging might be even better than the handheld!

Additionally, a Persona Q-themed 3DS XL is in the works, and the Super Smash Bros-skinned handheld will also launch in the U.S. without the game included with the previously-announced UK bundle. Each will sell for US$199.99 (about £123) without any games bundled, and GameStop will have an exclusive on the NES and Persona Q handhelds.

No word yet on whether either of those handheld versions will also launch in the UK. Also, please note that this isn’t the New Nintendo 3DS XL recently announced to come out next year with an enhanced processor, additional inputs, and a revised look. It’s the same old guts inside.

[Source: Nintendo]

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Wander the Pyramids of Giza in Google Maps

Apparently content with with its mapping of the world’s active streets and paths, Google Maps has increasingly turned its attention towards novel sights – like World Cup stadiums and now the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. With Street View, you can explore around the stunning ancient structures while commuting or killing time at work. Score.

[Source: Google]

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