Fully Charged: Microsoft Monocle to challenge Google Glass, iOS 7.0.3 and customisable bike bells

If you've been experiencing a post-Apple event comedown, don't worry, its time for your morning dose of tech trends - and in true Apple style, one more thing about your iPhone.

If you've ever got bored of your bike's bell and wished you could change it to something a little more offensive to passing pedestrians and drivers, then MyBell could be for you.

The MyBell can play everything from a car horn to a tiger's roar, and users can even customise its LED lights.

Peter Pottier says he developed the MyBell after realising his bike's bell wasn't loud enough - and the fact it looks unashamedly like a retro toy helps its chances as well.

[Source: MyBell]

Just one more update...

Just in case you felt you hadn't had enough Apple upgrades for one day, the Cupertino company has released iOS 7.0.3.

It brings iCloud Keychain, improved password management in Safari, the delay of the Slide to Unlock text on the Lock screen for Touch ID devices, iMessage fixes, and fixes for sensor calibration issues that some users had reported. 

[Source: Apple]

Inside the Macbook Pro

Intel has given a glimpse inside Apple's latest Macbook Pro - or the chip that powers it, at least.

Cupertino's latest features Intel Iris Pro Graphics, which has the much cooler codename of Crystal Well.

"It uses a single chip that combines processor, graphics and memory that efficiently delivers a very high quality visual experience," said John Webb, marketing manager at Intel's Client Graphics Group.

We think it looks pretty cool as well.

[Source: Intel]

What's that in your headphone jack?

If you simply can't get through the day without the odd impromptu powerpoint presentation, or just really like annoying people, then a laser pointer is the perfect gadget.

However, carrying one around with you everywhere has been annoying - until now.

The iPin manages to cram an entire pointer into something so small it can fit in your iPhone's headphone socket.

The $50 daget even has an app so you can control your presentation as well as switch the pointer on and off.

[Source: iPin]


Just in case you thought there was a firm not developing some kind of wearable, rest easy - Microsoft is hard at work on a rival to Google Glass, the Wall Street Journal claims.

The Redmond firm has apparently already approached suppliers about components for wearable devices, which we like to refer to as Microsoft Monocle.

[Source: WSJ]