Fully Charged: IMAX shots for new Star Wars, Dyson’s fabulous flying machines, and BT offers students killer broadband deal

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Star Wars

New Star Wars movie to feature IMAX shots?

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond has let slip a bit of news that suggests J.J. Abrams’ new Star Wars movie could have some scenes filmed specifically for IMAX. Gelfond told investors that IMAX was in talks with Abrams’ team about having IMAX cameras used for some parts of the film.

Abrams has form with IMAX, having filmed selected shots of his previous movie Star Trek: Into Darkness with native IMAX gear. Jabba the Hutt the size of a Zeppelin? Yes please. [Source: Ain’t It Cool News]

Watch Dyson’s brainbox engineers create flying machines

Dyson is one of the most innovative companies in tech, and one of the ways it keeps the minds of its engineers sharp is through regular challenges. The latest gauntlet thrown down was to build a flying machine able to negotiate an obstacle course. Check out the results in the video above.

BT broadband offering special nine-month student deals

BT student deals

BT is offering two new student-centric broadband contracts that span nine months rather than the usual 12. For £20 a month students can get BT Infinity (up to 38Mbps download speed) with unlimited usage and free UK weekend calls. £16 a month gets a similar package but with regular 16Mbps broadband. Students also get access to five million Wi-Fi hotspots and can watch BT Sport. Both deals also require a monthly line rental fee of £15.45, and the Infinity deal features a £30 activation charge. The offer ends 31st October.

Toshiba builds a Lytro-style phone camera

Toshiba has introduced a phone camera module that uses two 5MP image sensors to capture “deep focus”, a little like the Lytro camera. This means you’ll be able to refocus images and adjust depth-of-field after a shot has been taken. Each shot you take on the module uses both image sensors, from which data is processed and merged into a single 13MP still.

The module will go into production next April. [Source: Engadget]