Fully Charged: A drone-controlled football, Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs role and Apple’s iPhone 6 camera plans

Feast your hungry eyes on today’s round-up of delicious, delectable technology news

HoverBall: a flying ball with a micro drone inside

Here’s one ball you won’t have trouble playing keepy-uppy with – because it can fly. HoverBall’s unusual talent comes courtesy of a 90mm-wide quadcopter inside, which enables it to fly for up to five minutes at a time.

Developed by the University of Tokyo’s Jen Rekimoto, the ball is currently controlled remotely, but in the future could be programmed to follow a particular path or possibly even react contextually to its surroundings. The idea behind it, meanwhile, is to “democratise” ball-based sports by giving weaker players an advantage. It does need to be toughened up though: it’s currently not solidly-built enough to withstand the sort of kicking it might receive during a football match.

[Source: New Scientist]

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Apple’s iPhone 6 camera plans revealed?

Apple iPhone 6 render

According to a report, Apple won’t be going crazy with the camera’s megapixel count on the followup to the iPhone 5s. Instead, the company will “focus” (ahaha) on improving camera performance in other ways.

“People familiar with the matter” have told AppleInsider that Apple wouldn’t try and keep pace with the likes of Samsung and Sony when it came to megapixels (the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 have 16MP and 20.7MP sensors respectively), but would instead boost quality via other means.

Whether this means larger pixels in the sensor, higher quality optics, a wider aperture or, say, optical image stabilisation remains unclear, but it’s another reminder that, when it comes to determining image quality, the number of megapixels in the sensor is just one of several important factors.

[Source: AppleInsider]

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HP is stepping into the 3D printer game

Attention, “makers”: computer giant HP is to launch one or more 3D printing products this June.

During a shareholder conference call, HP CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company would be making “a big technology announcement” regarding 3D printing this June – and hinted that whatever product(s) it launches might be aimed at businesses rather than 3D printing hobbyists: “the bigger market is going to be in the enterprise space”. She also claims the company has solved the “problems” that have prevented 3D printing becoming adopted by the masses.

[Source: Electronista]

Call of Duty: Ghosts makes its new DLC free for the weekend

Not got any big plans this weekend? Got an Xbox One or Xbox 360? Then why not curl up with your gamepad and blast away at strangers in the latest bit of Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC? For free!

Yep, that’s right: from Friday 21st March to Monday 24th March, Activision has made its Onslaught DLC pack available for free trial. Said trial gives you access to four new multiplayer maps (Fog, Bay View, Containment and Ignition), a new Maverick weapon and the first part of a new four-part single-player story campaign.

The trial is only for Xbox One and 360 owners, but PC, Wii U, PS3 and PS4 owners will reportedly have the opportunity to play Onslaught for free in the future.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs?

Christian Bale

Oh, and “one more thing” for today: rumour has it that Batman and Patrick Bateman himself (well, Christian Bale) is firmly in the frame to play Apple founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic. David Fincher is in talks to direct the film, and the prospects of that trio coming together is enough to get us exceedingly more excited about it than last year’s Ashton Kutcher-fronted Jobs.

[Source: The Wrap]