Fully Charged: 3D-print your photos, NFC jewellery and finally! Some good Xbox One news

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Fully Charged: 3D-print your photos, NFC jewellery and finally! Some good Xbox O

16-lens camera could create 3D prints from your snaps

Imagine a wedding day where a photo of the bride and groom can be snapped in the morning and a 3D-printed model of the happy couple can be churned out and placed on the cake before the celebratory dinner. That's the future we can look forward to once Pelican Imaging's 16 lens array camera hits mobile devices next year. 

The company's lens technology (which Nokia was previously rumoured to have invested in) will allow you to focus on images after you've taken them, Lytro-style, but its latest video showing off the potential for 3D printing has me rather excited. Now I just need to invest in a 3D printer before next year and my cat figurine business dream can come to fruition.

Source: Pelican Imaging via Engadget

Xbox One games will cost the same as Xbox 360 games

"I can confirm that Microsoft Studios games on Xbox One will be $59.99."

Huzzah! We shouldn't have to fork out more than £40 for next-gen Xbox One games according to a Microsoft spokesperson, who confirmed with Polygon that next-gen titles will be slapped with the same US$60 price tag as current Xbox 360 games. My wallet couldn't be happier, though I'll still have to save up those pennies for any chance of owning one by christmas. Farwell daily M&S lunches. 

Source: Tech Radar via Polygon

GEAK ring adds NFC to your ring finger

This rather stylish ring by Shangai-based company GEAK is infused with NFC smarts, allowing you to unlock your phone with a simple wave. Goodbye pesky passwords.

Ok, so it might not be any quicker than bashing out a four-digit pin, but it's far cooler and you can pretend you have Jedi powers. You can even store contact details and share them with other NFC-enabled devices. And, combined with a PIN, it'll provide more security than simple password can.

Sadly it'll only be compatible with GEAK eye and GEAK Mars phones (whatever they are), but Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo devices will be supported in November. US$30 for a stylish bit of wearable tech? I'll take three please.

Source: GEAK via Engadget

Skype reveals free messaging on all major platforms

Skype has revealed an update which'll let Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and even BlackBerry users send and receive free three minute video messages which can be previewed and deleted before sending contacts. A good alternative for camera shy gadgeteers who need a few attempts for the perfect take.

Source: Dvice via Skype