Full LG KP500 specs and details officially outed

LG's been pretty busy this year with swanky touchscreen phones. And after the excitement of the 8MP KC910 Renoir, we're finally being treated to a ful

Rocking a stylus and  a hefty 3in screen, the KP500 will come toting a 3MP snapper, Bluetooth 2.1 and SD support up to 8GB. That should be plenty for affordable MP3s and a few semi–decent pics we reckon.

Sadly, being cheap as chips, there's no 3G here, just EDGE, So we'll have to make like we're playing with the original iPhone when farting around on the net. You can type using either handwriting recognition or the onscreen QWERTY. We reckon that the latter is a safer bet, to be honest.

And that price? Well LG is still being coy. But expect it to be free on contract when it launches here in the Uk at the end of October.

We're out with LG in Korea right now, so stay tuned for more exclusive, hot–off–the–press news as we get it. And remember, if you're after a touchscreen phone, read our feature on the best one for you.


LG KP500

Price: £TBA

On sale: October

Contact: LG