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Fujifilm X-T10: another gorgeous premium camera to add to your wishlist

The latest addition to the retro-inspired X series offers speedy new autofocus and a lag-free electronic viewfinder

If you’re in the market for a compact, smart-looking, high performance interchangeable lens camera, another option has just dropped into your lap: the Fujifilm X-T10.

The latest addition to the company’s X series of cameras that marry retro looks with new advances in technology, the X-T10 slots in beneath the flagship X-T1 model and works out at around half the price – but yet manages to offer a lot of the same features, as well as a brand new autofocus system that Fujifilm says delivers better subject-tracking functionality than its previous arrangement.

Switch autofocus to its new Zone or Wide/Tracking modes and it’ll ditch the standard 49-point AF area for a 77-point area. Wide/Tracking allows the camera to keep a subject in focus even if they are moving up, down, left, right, closer or further away from the X-T10; Zone allows users to select a zone out of the 77-point area and will track whatever subject is within that zone.

The camera sports the same “Real Time” electronic viewfinder as the X-T1. It’s a 2.36-million dot OLED that automatically adjusts its brightness according to ambient light levels and has a class-leading lag time of 0.005 seconds. That means if your subject or camera moves, the viewfinder won’t be lagging behind.

The camera is based around the same 16.3MP APS-C sensor as the X-T1, too, and offers the same Film Simulation modes that you’ll find in most newer Fujifilm cameras. These are designed to ape the effect of using classic analogue film types, and in our experience they work quite well – the Classic Chrome, for instance, nicely replicates the look of Kodachrome.

The X-T10 comes with full manual shooting settings, 1080p video recording and Wi-Fi, and works with the full range of X-mount lenses. It’s available in black and silver and black finishes, and will be on sale in the UK from mid to late June, priced at £499 body only, £599 with a 16-50mm kit lens or £799 with an 18-55mm higher quality kit lens.

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