Forget-me-not: Galaxy Note 5 might have a micro SD slot after all

But only on dual-SIM models

Memory fans rejoice: rumours abound that Samsung’s soon-to-arrive Note 5 may pack a SIM tray which doubles as a micro SD card slot.

The plight of the lowly miniaturised module suffered a heavy blow after the South Korean tech giant did away with expandable memory on both the S6 and S6 Edge, and it seemed the trend was to continue with the Note 5 as leaked shots last week confirmed the absence of any micro SD slot.

But a report fresh out of Taiwan gives new hope to external storage seekers, with news that one of the trays on a dual-SIM variant of the new Galaxy phablet will actually double up as a micro SD reader.

Though the Note 5 is believed to be coming in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions, the presence of a memory card slot would give more ammunition to the Galaxy in its pocket-filling contest against the iPhone 6 Plus, providing media-lovers with that much-wanted option of expandable capacity.

However, it’s probably best not to get ordering new slot-fillers just yet: dual-SIM devices are generally aimed at the Asian market, with only their single-slotted siblings making it across to Europe, suggesting it might be a long flight if you want to get your hands on a micro SD-equipped model.

For years, Samsung has been a bastion of hope for those throttled by fixed capacity handsets, like the iPhone, as the manufacturer continued to offer expandability across its range. Only time will tell if this move away from card slots on all devices will be the death knell for the micro SD, in favour of premium design and homogenised internals.


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