First Play – GTA Lost and Damned

While GTA Chinatown Wars is priming itself to change the way hardcore gamers view the Nintendo DS, "Lost and Damned", the new downloadable content (DL

As the addicts among you will know, GTA Lost and Damned stars Johnny Klebitz, Vice President of The Lost Hells Angels, seen fleetingly during GTA IV. He's caught up in a major war with rival gang, the Angels of Death, after his former friend and gang President, gets out of jail.We loved GTA IV, so it's great to see it given a new lease of life. Missions are a tad more varied than before, with "on rails" work out Shifting Weight, seeing you hang off the back of a bike while your buddy escapes the cops. Your job is to unleash hell, using everything from pipe bimbs to the killer new sawn off shotgun. Needless to say, it doesn't disappoint.Proving that this isn't a standalone add–on, you also get to roll with Niko and Playboy X in Buyer's Market. A retread of an original GTA IV mission, you have to fight your way out of a crack den and through the front door, while Niko leaves via the roof. Using the new weapons, it's a breeze.The new weapons do mean the game has a far fresher feel than before too, with a grenade launcher, automatic pistol and assault shotgun all adding to the mix. Throw in refined physics so you don't come hurtling off your bike every five minutes and you're looking at a winner.The DLC is set to cost 1600 Microsoft points, roughly £13, when it launches on 17 February.Read our first play with GTA Chinatown Wars now.