Fight zombies with HTC to get hands-on time with Vive

Virtually Dead VR experience coming to London, tickets up for grabs

Want to put the Vive VR headset to the test? HTC’s got you covered - if you don’t mind battling a few undead horrors first.

HTC is getting ready to host Virtually Dead, an immersive live action experience that will let members of the public finally try out Vive. It’ll be the first time the final version of Vive has been shown in the UK, ahead of a full launch in April. 

That includes the updated motion controllers, room sensors and better fitting headset, as well as the front facing camera and Chaperone mode, which keeps your shins safe from any errant furniture.

HTC will be setting Virtually Dead up in residency at a secret East London location for two weeks, on a site spanning 1/2 a kilometre.

Ticket holders will have to join the fight against a ‘sinister zombie virus’ and keep the hordes in check, before donning a Vive headset and trying the Arizona Sunshine demo. That's assuming the real life zombies don't give you a coronary first...

The Arizona Sunshine demo will be on a brand new level that hasn’t been shown off in Europe before, and based on the three hour queues at CES, it should be worth the effort to try it out.

Limited tickets went on sale today on the Virtually Dead website, with hourly shows running every day between the 19th of March and 3rd of April. They’re £30 each, but you’ll have to move fast to secure your place. 

We’ve already grabbed a place in line, so will keep you updated on what undead nightmares HTC has concocted a little closer to the start of the show.