Fallout 4 is real and may be coming sooner than you think

Get ready to go post-nuclear once more in Bethesda’s next open-world adventure

So, yesterday’s teaser wasn’t just an elaborate fake-out. Fallout 4 really is coming.

Bethesda just launched the official website for the first Fallout game since 2010’s New Vegas, and there's already a pre-order page for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Last-gen console owners, it seems, need not apply.

The site is light on details. The main image is pure Fallout: a garage’s workshop, futuristic in that classic 1950s Fallout way; bottles of Nuka-Cola; a suit of power armour secured for repair; a trusty canine companion; stunted trees in the background; a Heath Robinson-esque assault rifle propped against a chair towards the edge of the frame; a grinning Vault Boy figurine stood on a dusty chest of drawers. The message “Welcome Home” is laid on top of the whole thing.

Then there’s the first trailer, which mixes narrative footage with what looks like in-game action. We glimpse scenes from before the atom bombs rained down on the US merged with the game’s present, post-nuclear state, as well as Ron Perlman voicing his classic “War never changes” line (used in every Fallout game intro since the turn-based originals) and some glimpses, towards the end, of various locations. Images of the Massachusetts Statehouse’s golden dome, the statue of Paul Revere on horseback and what may be a modified version of the USS Constitution suggest that, as early rumours claimed, Fallout 4 is indeed set in and around Boston.

Bethesda is holding its own E3 event to reveal more about the game, which takes place on 14th June at 7pm PST (3am on 15th June for those of us in the UK). The event will be live streamed on YouTube and Twitch, and we’ll be at E3 to make sure we get a first-hand look at whatever’s on show.

There’s no release date information as yet, but the fact that the game is already available to pre-order suggests it might not be too far away. Could it even be out before Christmas this year? Such a quick turnaround from reveal to retail seems unlikely, but then again it has been five years since the last Fallout game. So fingers crossed…

[Source: Fallout]