Facebook Timeline launches on iPhone and Android apps

Love it or hate it, you can't escape Facebook's new profile view

Facebook Timeline has landed on the social network's iPhone, iPod Touch and Android apps plus the m.facebook.com mobile site. So if you took the plunge with the new chronological profile page this weekend and didn't like what you saw, your smartphone won't be so reassuring once you get the latest update.

Don't be scared. It's only the past few years of your life after all – depending on how long you've been using Facebook. The main difference you'll notice when using the updated Facebook apps is that there are tons more photos to view – a new cover photo, friends' icons dotted about everywhere and maps showing your friends' locations all take up more space.

You can also swipe across posts and photos for quick and easy access to nearly everything that's ever been posted about your mates. That photo or video you thought was long buried? Not any more. There's no word yet on any mobile functions for editing edit your Facebook Timeline – so it might be best if we all head home tonight to delete 2008-2009.

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