Facebook ads launch in your news feed and smartphone app

Now that the social network's gone all floaty, it'll need to guarantee cash for its new backers – here's how

Facebook ads have been around for a long time – you'll have seen them lurking on the right hand side of your homepage and profile pages. But the social network has been getting serious about things like 'reach' and 'click-throughs' and other marketing jargon at the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference.

Facebook ads will now begin to pop up in amongst your everyday updates from friends and Pages – not just in your News Feed (if you or a friend has Liked a brand's Page) but also in the news feed of your iOS, Android or Windows Phone app.

You're more likely to see ads from companies you've actively Liked though. So in theory if they get too much, you could choose to keep your distance. Facebook ads will also show up on the log-out page although Facebook says the 'log-out experience' is optional.

We're reserving judgement on Facebook's new ad strategy until we've seen how annoying those mobile ads get – but since we've been wasting our lives on Zuckerberg's free product for too many years to count, it would be a bit difficult to complain.

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