EE TV set-top box delivers 70+ channels, 1TB storage, and device streaming

All-in-one box is big on phones and tablets, free with broadland/landline packages

EE aims to make a big splash in the world of television with today’s announcement of EE TV, a set-top box that bundles in more than 70 Freeview channels, DVR and catch-up capabilities, and extensive mobile and tablet integration.

No surprise on that last front, being that mobile carrier EE is involved, but there’s quite a lot to it. You’ll be able to watch separate content on up to four different devices simultaneously, so long as they’re on the same Wi-Fi network as the box.

Moreover, the EE TV app can be used to transfer a programme or film from your mobile device to the box with a flick, letting you start watching solo and send it to the big screen, or flip through options on the touch screen before committing to changing the channel.


The EE TV also has 1TB of storage to house up to 25 days worth of content, and you can record up to four programmes at the same time. Also, the Replay feature lets you watch anything aired within the last 24 hours on any channel, even if you didn’t set a recording. You can also access apps like YouTube and BBC iPlayer from EE TV.

EE TV will be available free this autumn to customers with an existing home broadband or fibre plan, which start at £9.95 per month (not including line rental) and climb from there.

If you’re on a pay-per-month mobile plan, it sounds as if you can add the TV service at that same £9.95 figure, and EE is bumping up the size of data plans accordingly to handle all of the extra streaming you'll be doing.

[Source: EE]

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