Dyson unleashes D38 and D39 Ball cylinder vacuums

Run away, try to knock them over and these vacuum cleaners will still follow you around. Needy.

Dyson's showing us what it's made of for 2012 with the launch of four new vacuum cleaners using its fiercely-patented Dyson Ball (tee-em) technology. Most exciting (for vacuum cleaners) are the short in stature D38 and D39 which pack all of Dyson's clever tech into the Ball, saving space and rip-roaring round corners faster than your drab, four castered beast.

The D38 and D39's designers took cues from F1 cars to make sure the whole machine quickly turns to follow you around – but remember, vroom vroom noises should be saved for when you're alone in your flat.

Atop the Ball, Dyson's Radial Root Cyclone tech swirls all those microscopic particles of dust around until captured in the bin or too spaced out to attack your lungs anyway. 

Rounding up the new range are the upright D40 and D41 models – which are based on similar tech, but instead sit the cyclone directly on top of the Dyson Ball (tee-em). Like their smaller counterparts, they come with adjustable base plates for different surfaces.

If your battered Henry is putting the rest of your gadget shrine to shame, you'll be glad to hear that all the new Dyson models go on sale from today. You'll pay £300 for the Dyson D38 and D39, £340 for the Animal D39 (if you've got pets instead of friends) and between £350 and £390 for the D40 and D41 upright vacuums. We'll see you in the iPhone-style queue outside John Lewis.

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