Dr Dre Beats Executive headphones unveiled for the classier audiophile

Beats by Dr Dre ditches the jeans and t-shirt for a more executive look

It's fair to say that since the dawn of the original Beats by hip-hop quack Dr Dre, the range has gathered a mahoosive following from the likes of football players and bass junkies, all the way down to HTC-toting smartphone users. They've become one of the most stylish and coveted headphone ranges around, thanks to their world class audio engineering and celeb collaborations – and now the Beats family is welcoming a new member in the form of the Beats Executive headphones.

With their monochrome stylings, the ultra-premium 'phones have ditched the iconic red and black design for a more formal, less in-your-face design this time round, opting for a much classier, brushed metal finish. A luxurious leather headband, accents and ear cups round off its luxurious look nicely, while their foldable design makes for easy portability.

A new pair of Beats 'phones means a whole new set of features. So, along with Beats' tried and tested premium audio and noise-cancelling tech, you can expect a built-in shut-off feature, which automatically powers down the headphones when not in use, as opposed to unwittingly draining the battery after having left them on all night.

All we know thus far is that the Beats Executive on-ear 'phones are "coming soon", although they are available for pre-order in the US for US$440 – around £250-£300 here in the UK. We just hope Beats means "coming soon" in a global sense, and that they'll be arriving in the UK in time to make it under our Christmas tree.

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