Download of the week – Tonight by Franz Ferdinand

Recently, music critics have taken to calling out Franz Ferdinand for 'lacking emotion'. It seems the band's self–enforced four year absence has led w

To this end, Franz's new set, Tonight, doesn't disappoint. A skittering, dance heavy set, born out of their desire to make a full–on pop record, it builds on their previous predilection for guitar–heavy post–punk with synths and plenty of drum machine action.

Lucid Dreams and Can't Stop Feeling are the two tracks that'll make you sit up and realise that this is most definitely Franz Ferdinand 2.0. Heavy on 80s styling, with a bit of Krautrock thrown in for good measure, they make you want to dance like no other Franz tune ever has.

That's not to say the guitars have been turned down to zero. Those familiar with single Ulysses will know that they're very much present, while No You Girls, Dream Again and Turn It On all rely on the band's original charm, not to mention a rather hefty (not to mention most welcome) nod to Roxy Music.

Tonight is arguably the Scottish band's most rounded and eclectic LP to date. And at a fiver from 7Digital, well worth laying out for too!

Tonight by Franz Ferdinand, available now from 7Digital for £5.